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I started my journey 5 years ago at that time I was going through a little bit of a midlife crisis, identity crisis. I just come back from my mat leave and just didn’t feel like I knew who I was or what I was meant to do. I left my job that I was at for 5 years to take on a contract postation that was only 7 months to land a full time job that I’ve now been at for another 5 years

I’ve always been into mystical things. From books and shows about vampires (yes i watched every episode of buffy the vampire slayer!) To signs from the universe, crystals, moon magic, I believe dreams were messages and manifestation. At some point something happend and I stopped trusting in the universe, signs and messages. I then started chasing every external source to give me the answers and expected them to tell me how to find myself.

Still with no idea what i was here to do. I knew I had some healing to do. I had read all the books, I could recognize the inner struggle I had. I started going to women’s healing circles and it was here I really opened up about my mistakes, my past, my unknown.

I was always seeing mediums, trying to get outside sources to give me knowledge. One finally said to me girl, you have healing powers. You need to look into doing Reiki level 1, you will discover so much about your self. That week I kept having a level 1&2 course from a local master popping up in my news feed. I took it as the universe dropping me some bread crumbs. I signed up! This was also the first time I connected with an amazing practioner who did a distance session for me, that was so on point it was scary!

Once completing my level 1&2, led me to mentorship, but being in fear of launching my own business I hid. I then become a past life regression practioner. Then took my reiki masters. Also a few courses on shadow work. Dived head first into learning about human design. And now have taken my kaurna masters level of Reiki.

This will be a collection of my past struggles, my current life and future life. Please follow along while I share my learnings, what and how I have over come my Shame, leading me to Shame Healer and how I have reclaimed my power!


One thought on “Welcome,

  1. I love that you have stepped through times with knowledge and power. No one is perfect. We are all on a journey to reconnect and understand ourselves. Congrats love!


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