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Healing circles or cults?!

My journey started with healing circles. I was in such a bad space. I had no idea who I was. I had just left paisleys dad, and was stuck in a rut of girlfriend astrida and mom astrida. I was destructive, much like a hurricane I didn’t care who was in my path,w I didn’t care who I hurt or what I did.

I had seen these posts popping up in my newsfeed for a few weeks, about woman’s healing circles. These posts were calling to me screaming actually but I was to scared to show up. I was scared to heal this part of my that I had no idea needed healing. Until I finally said I’m showing up, I had enough of this rut.

I was also suck in this rut because I thought being single, ment doing things how you want when you want. My other single friends were doing the same so it must be right. Little did I know, after learning about my human design I have an open head center, your asking what does this mean? This means I have to be careful of what information I’m digesting and allowing in my head. Because I’m an open head center one a thought enters I have to filter out if that thought is truly mine or that of someone else. I also have an undefined G center with this is makes me like a camleon, where I can take on the identity of others even tho it’s not my true identity.

So…. back to my healing circles. I told my bestie about my healing circle she was on vacation in Florida at the time. The first words out of her mouth were “your not joining a cult are you?” I laughed and told her no it wasn’t like that and not to worry. I mean once I told her about the candles and crystals and mediation that took place I’m not sure she entirely believed me. I attended a few of these circles, I showed up, I opened up, I healed so much in these sessions.

Now we joke about my “cult” days and how it was truly the first stepping stone.. the universe dropping the bread crumbs so we say. Into my journey of healing, forgiving my self and foremost. For learning you can only do as well as you know, in the moment we know because once you know better you do better. This opened a world of like minded individuals, a community of women who know and speak the truth, who lift you uo when needed, who seek advise as often as you give it.

Without tanking this jump out of fear and so outside of my comfort zone I would never have started healing. I would have been stuck in my shame cycles. I would have never grown


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