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This morning I’m embarking on another step in my journey. I took this training back in July, my teacher had some personal stuff come up, her vulnerability in tho moment was so inspiring. She offered us to retake in her next session. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to retake, it didn’t work in my sechudal. I wasn’t able to book the time off, however I still felt called to make it happen. I was able to switch shifts with a girl at work to have this time off.

In July I had some major transformation. I cleared so much of my repressed trauma. Had so many eye opening moments.

I took reiki 1 & 2 to find myself, and I did! It sparked something inside of me that I had repressed, over the years. Repressed out of fear being my authentic self, and not fitting in. When I discovered reiki it felt like home. It was the missing piece of me, this wildy intuitive babe!

I was always interested in all things woo-y. Crystals, tarot cards, dream interpretation, signs and symbols. At some point I lost my connection and trust with myself. And this was my missing piece, my connection back to self. Once this was unlocked I couldn’t stop, reiki training masters, masterminds, mini courses, past life regression certification, human design.

Going back to what I knew so deep inside was missing. Has unlocked doors to a community of like minded individuals, and I have never felt more at home.

As I prepare and get ready for this transformative weekend. I’m ready to level up!


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