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2022…. What a Year!

2022 has been a year! I’m here to write all that it has taught me.

First off the last few years have been tough on me for me. I have had many struggles and many strengths.

I’ll give you just a quickie into the last few years for me and what prompted my spiritual journey inwards.

2017- I suffered a quarter life crisis I quit my job left my partner in December a week before Christmas because I just knew I was done and didn’t want to start my new year with the same feelings.

2018- I had no clue who the heck I was. I was partying and acting like a teenager. This I later learned had a lot to do with my open head center. I was allowing others’ thoughts on how to be single, out way my own thoughts, and what I thought to be true. This is also where I made the worst decision I could have ever made. I got involved with a married man. I lost my best friend over something equally as stupid. I found healing circles and dived into my own personal healing.

2019- I worked hard on myself while still dealing with the contact reminder of shame. I tried to mend the relationship with my best friend, and this I will learn later wasn’t ever going to happen. I attended healing circles, had reiki treatments, journaled moved out on my own with Paisley, and really learned how to be a single mom. Chris entered our lives in late 2018, and together, we learned a lot. It was in this first year that everything that should have broken us up only led us closer and more connected than I could have ever thought possible. I was reading and listening to all the self-help books out there.

2020 I was guided and led to Reiki. I knew I was still lost and had no idea who Astrida was. I knew I was here for a purpose and I was missing it. I was told to check out reiki training and I found in person training (little did I know this was going to be the last in training I would ever do! Thanks covid) here I learned sooo much released so much was open about my Shame. I took a light worker’s master class, reconnected with an old childhood friend, and really started to look inwards. I still however held on tonthat shame piece and it held me back.

2021 I was still diving deep into that shame peice. Not realizing how much I let that play I to my thoughts about myself. I leaned more into this and became more open about it. Also had almost daily reminders from the wife of this man as she stalked the ever living hell out of me. I became so scared to be me. Because this woman was harassing me and using my growth as weapons against me. I took my first reiki mentorship and leaned into trusting. I, in turn turned my back on the universe because I didn’t think I was deserving of love and happiness after causing so much pain. It was here I really struggled with who I was. Was I a bad person who did bad things and deserved all the beating up? Or was I a good person who made a poor decision and was soo deserving of all things?

2022 I leaned sooo much into me and bringing it back to me. This is where I leaned into my human design and where the birth of algin with astrida came in. 2022 I became fully open of my shame cycles and decided to let them go and grow into my “shame healing” title! It was here I finally stood up to my tormentor and but my foot down on the stalking harassing and bullying. It was here I decided its time to let go because I am a good person. It was here in a mastermind on human design I had the ah ha Moment that I wanted to help others move out of this shame cycle and step into there power! It was here I learned I was ready to Reclaim and step back into my own power! I was ready. I completed my second masters program in reiki. I also became a part of a reiki sisterhood where like minded women supported each other on our journey. It was in this container I gave full trust in the reiki energy to guide me. I do my pillars on a regular basis, I follow the nudges and nuggets the universe I’d providing me. It’s here I aligned my design and started to live how I was ment to.

2023 is the year I’m fully jumping in! I’m ready to show the world what the beautiful Manifestor unicorn (because manifesters are 8% of the worlds population) self has to offer. I’m ready to show up unapologetically authentic and as real and raw as I can be. I’m ready to launch my business and I’m ready to share this amazing life with everyone! Because I first hand can tell you the magic behind aligning with your souls purpose.

This year, I’m coming out of my hidy hole!


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