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2022…. What a Year!

2022 has been a year! I’m here to write all that it has taught me.

First off the last few years have been tough on me for me. I have had many struggles and many strengths.

I’ll give you just a quickie into the last few years for me and what prompted my spiritual journey inwards.

2017- I suffered a quarter life crisis I quit my job left my partner in December a week before Christmas because I just knew I was done and didn’t want to start my new year with the same feelings.

2018- I had no clue who the heck I was. I was partying and acting like a teenager. This I later learned had a lot to do with my open head center. I was allowing others’ thoughts on how to be single, out way my own thoughts, and what I thought to be true. This is also where I made the worst decision I could have ever made. I got involved with a married man. I lost my best friend over something equally as stupid. I found healing circles and dived into my own personal healing.

2019- I worked hard on myself while still dealing with the contact reminder of shame. I tried to mend the relationship with my best friend, and this I will learn later wasn’t ever going to happen. I attended healing circles, had reiki treatments, journaled moved out on my own with Paisley, and really learned how to be a single mom. Chris entered our lives in late 2018, and together, we learned a lot. It was in this first year that everything that should have broken us up only led us closer and more connected than I could have ever thought possible. I was reading and listening to all the self-help books out there.

2020 I was guided and led to Reiki. I knew I was still lost and had no idea who Astrida was. I knew I was here for a purpose and I was missing it. I was told to check out reiki training and I found in person training (little did I know this was going to be the last in training I would ever do! Thanks covid) here I learned sooo much released so much was open about my Shame. I took a light worker’s master class, reconnected with an old childhood friend, and really started to look inwards. I still however held on tonthat shame piece and it held me back.

2021 I was still diving deep into that shame peice. Not realizing how much I let that play I to my thoughts about myself. I leaned more into this and became more open about it. Also had almost daily reminders from the wife of this man as she stalked the ever living hell out of me. I became so scared to be me. Because this woman was harassing me and using my growth as weapons against me. I took my first reiki mentorship and leaned into trusting. I, in turn turned my back on the universe because I didn’t think I was deserving of love and happiness after causing so much pain. It was here I really struggled with who I was. Was I a bad person who did bad things and deserved all the beating up? Or was I a good person who made a poor decision and was soo deserving of all things?

2022 I leaned sooo much into me and bringing it back to me. This is where I leaned into my human design and where the birth of algin with astrida came in. 2022 I became fully open of my shame cycles and decided to let them go and grow into my “shame healing” title! It was here I finally stood up to my tormentor and but my foot down on the stalking harassing and bullying. It was here I decided its time to let go because I am a good person. It was here in a mastermind on human design I had the ah ha Moment that I wanted to help others move out of this shame cycle and step into there power! It was here I learned I was ready to Reclaim and step back into my own power! I was ready. I completed my second masters program in reiki. I also became a part of a reiki sisterhood where like minded women supported each other on our journey. It was in this container I gave full trust in the reiki energy to guide me. I do my pillars on a regular basis, I follow the nudges and nuggets the universe I’d providing me. It’s here I aligned my design and started to live how I was ment to.

2023 is the year I’m fully jumping in! I’m ready to show the world what the beautiful Manifestor unicorn (because manifesters are 8% of the worlds population) self has to offer. I’m ready to show up unapologetically authentic and as real and raw as I can be. I’m ready to launch my business and I’m ready to share this amazing life with everyone! Because I first hand can tell you the magic behind aligning with your souls purpose.

This year, I’m coming out of my hidy hole!


Karuna 2.0

This morning I’m embarking on another step in my journey. I took this training back in July, my teacher had some personal stuff come up, her vulnerability in tho moment was so inspiring. She offered us to retake in her next session. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to retake, it didn’t work in my sechudal. I wasn’t able to book the time off, however I still felt called to make it happen. I was able to switch shifts with a girl at work to have this time off.

In July I had some major transformation. I cleared so much of my repressed trauma. Had so many eye opening moments.

I took reiki 1 & 2 to find myself, and I did! It sparked something inside of me that I had repressed, over the years. Repressed out of fear being my authentic self, and not fitting in. When I discovered reiki it felt like home. It was the missing piece of me, this wildy intuitive babe!

I was always interested in all things woo-y. Crystals, tarot cards, dream interpretation, signs and symbols. At some point I lost my connection and trust with myself. And this was my missing piece, my connection back to self. Once this was unlocked I couldn’t stop, reiki training masters, masterminds, mini courses, past life regression certification, human design.

Going back to what I knew so deep inside was missing. Has unlocked doors to a community of like minded individuals, and I have never felt more at home.

As I prepare and get ready for this transformative weekend. I’m ready to level up!

Healing circles or cults?!

My journey started with healing circles. I was in such a bad space. I had no idea who I was. I had just left paisleys dad, and was stuck in a rut of girlfriend astrida and mom astrida. I was destructive, much like a hurricane I didn’t care who was in my path,w I didn’t care who I hurt or what I did.

I had seen these posts popping up in my newsfeed for a few weeks, about woman’s healing circles. These posts were calling to me screaming actually but I was to scared to show up. I was scared to heal this part of my that I had no idea needed healing. Until I finally said I’m showing up, I had enough of this rut.

I was also suck in this rut because I thought being single, ment doing things how you want when you want. My other single friends were doing the same so it must be right. Little did I know, after learning about my human design I have an open head center, your asking what does this mean? This means I have to be careful of what information I’m digesting and allowing in my head. Because I’m an open head center one a thought enters I have to filter out if that thought is truly mine or that of someone else. I also have an undefined G center with this is makes me like a camleon, where I can take on the identity of others even tho it’s not my true identity.

So…. back to my healing circles. I told my bestie about my healing circle she was on vacation in Florida at the time. The first words out of her mouth were “your not joining a cult are you?” I laughed and told her no it wasn’t like that and not to worry. I mean once I told her about the candles and crystals and mediation that took place I’m not sure she entirely believed me. I attended a few of these circles, I showed up, I opened up, I healed so much in these sessions.

Now we joke about my “cult” days and how it was truly the first stepping stone.. the universe dropping the bread crumbs so we say. Into my journey of healing, forgiving my self and foremost. For learning you can only do as well as you know, in the moment we know because once you know better you do better. This opened a world of like minded individuals, a community of women who know and speak the truth, who lift you uo when needed, who seek advise as often as you give it.

Without tanking this jump out of fear and so outside of my comfort zone I would never have started healing. I would have been stuck in my shame cycles. I would have never grown


I started my journey 5 years ago at that time I was going through a little bit of a midlife crisis, identity crisis. I just come back from my mat leave and just didn’t feel like I knew who I was or what I was meant to do. I left my job that I was at for 5 years to take on a contract postation that was only 7 months to land a full time job that I’ve now been at for another 5 years

I’ve always been into mystical things. From books and shows about vampires (yes i watched every episode of buffy the vampire slayer!) To signs from the universe, crystals, moon magic, I believe dreams were messages and manifestation. At some point something happend and I stopped trusting in the universe, signs and messages. I then started chasing every external source to give me the answers and expected them to tell me how to find myself.

Still with no idea what i was here to do. I knew I had some healing to do. I had read all the books, I could recognize the inner struggle I had. I started going to women’s healing circles and it was here I really opened up about my mistakes, my past, my unknown.

I was always seeing mediums, trying to get outside sources to give me knowledge. One finally said to me girl, you have healing powers. You need to look into doing Reiki level 1, you will discover so much about your self. That week I kept having a level 1&2 course from a local master popping up in my news feed. I took it as the universe dropping me some bread crumbs. I signed up! This was also the first time I connected with an amazing practioner who did a distance session for me, that was so on point it was scary!

Once completing my level 1&2, led me to mentorship, but being in fear of launching my own business I hid. I then become a past life regression practioner. Then took my reiki masters. Also a few courses on shadow work. Dived head first into learning about human design. And now have taken my kaurna masters level of Reiki.

This will be a collection of my past struggles, my current life and future life. Please follow along while I share my learnings, what and how I have over come my Shame, leading me to Shame Healer and how I have reclaimed my power!